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Subject: Fishin' in the dark - Chapter-2 - (young-friends)/(rural)Note: Please go easy on me after reading this story. I'm still new to this.
If you notice any mistakes It's probably some I've already found after
posting this.If you like this story please e-mail me and let me know. But please do not
send Instant Messages. If you do some one may be around my computer young nymphet board when you
Please send all e-mail to kidd9587aol.comI hope you enjoy!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fishin' in the dark
(c) 2000 by Kiddo Me and Joe put our shorts back on and started back to the house. I did
manage to fall behind a few times so I could see some behind (know what I
mean?), but the majority of the time we were side by side. I can't explain
how weird this is! One minute I can't catch a damn fish if my life depended
on it, and now I'm walking back to the house with a new feeling unlike any
I've ever expeinced before. I told asian teen nymphet Joe to go through the side and I'd take the poles through the
basement. It ussually takes at least three good kicks to get it to open, but
this time I got lucky andn it only took two. One moreand I angel nymphets would have had one
pissed old lady gorwling at me. I tried to avoid hitting my head on the
pipes, but as luck would have it, at least in my case, good luck is always
followed by bad luck. I was shocked to find that Grandma was actually awake. I came up and saw her
sitting with Joe watching the late night version of Jerry Springer. "
Anthony, want to join us?" Grandma asked. Now here is something nymphets homemade videos that doesn't
happen everyday; I go fishin with my friend, we get naked and swim around, we
exchange our feelings about one another, we make out, we come home, and
Grandma want's us to join her for Jerry Springer. " Sure I guess, but what's
it about?" I asked. " I think it's ' Dad meet my new gay lover'." she said. "
Wow, I might as well." I responded.In the middle of the show about the time some stupid guy, Chris, was telling
his dad about having a transexual boyfriend, Joe decided to bring up a very
good point. He looked over at me and had a ' boy am I in some shit' sorta
look on his face. " Whats' nymphet nudists
wrong, Joe?" I asked. He had a look in his that
hinted to the fact that he wanted to tell me, but not in front of Grandma,
but he must have decided to go for it because before I could turn back around
he let it all out. " I don't know how I'm going to tell my dad." he said. I
never thought of that. " Anthony incase you can't tell my dad and brother are
homophobic." He added. I looked up at Grandma, she didn't look very
supprised. " Well If he ever does anything stupid you can always come and
stay here. Can't he Grandma?" I ukrainian nymphets ru
asked. She was caught of guard about the
whole bringing up of Joe telling his father, she didn't know he was gay,but
she knew his dad was a homopobe. Everyone in town did. His dad even got
respected for it. Can you beleive that? I think thats a load of homophobic
bullshit (bullsheet according to your accent). On the way to bed I stayed back. I wanted to kinda clear things up to
Grandma. " Anthony what the hell was Joe talking about?" She asked. " Me and
him well, you see we uhh, Me and him..." I couldn't quite get the words out
so she decided to just finish the conversation. " I see. I know what you
mean. Listen if you ever need anything or if Joe ever needs anything ya'll
can come to me. Even if his sorry low down good for nothin' except shovelling
cow shit father tries something stupid I'll take care of you both. Hell, tiny nymphets rape
half raised Joe all his life. If he ever needs a home you and him both know
he'll always be welcome here." She said. I hugged her site de nymphets goodnight and and walked slowly up the steps incase Joe was
already asleep. I tried to step towards the right of the hall because if you
walk down the center it sounds liek you're passing gass. It's been squeking
like that for years. I crossed quikly to the left side and dashed in my room.
As usuall Joe was on the left side of the bed. I crawled in next to him
trying not to wake him, which didn't work. Joe has never been able to sleep
through things. I'm the totall opposite. I could sleep through sex with
Pamela Anderson Lee, but then again I am gay. He didn't make any attempt to stay awake he was asleep again in seconds. I
figured I might as well let him sleep. I bent over the bad and pulled out my
shoebox (no I don't keep 'that' in there). I opened the top and pulled out my
lighter. I always light my candles at night. I opened the drawer beside my
desk and pulled out my 'Acoustic Guitar' magazine to read. I got to the
advertisement about strings then finally decided to call it a night, although
my now it's morning.
Once again here is another difference between Joe and I. He's already up in
the kitchen, probably eating. I'm still hear laying in bed. I'm not the type
to get up early in the morning. I guess if Joe likes to get up in the morning
at the crack of dawn I can over look it, but naked skinny nymphettes he better not get me up that
early. I made my way downstairs only managing to trip on one stair (did I mention
I'm clumsy?). Joe was in the kitchen sitting on one of the stools while
grandma was walking around the kitchen trying to find something. This shocked
me! Very rarily does Grandma put on her artificial leg and walk on it with
out a cane. I guess she lost her balance when she lost 16 yo nymphet tits
her leg, but maybe I
was wrong. " Anthony it's about time you got up." Grandma said. " lil nymphets links What do you mean it's
only 8:00?" I responded. " Well if you think about, after you set the clock
back two hours last night so I would let you go fishing, not thinking it was
as late as it is, I never set the clocks back." She said making me feel
stupid for being do obvious with the clocks. "How did you know?" I asked in
amazement once again that she found. " Well, I do wear a watch you know?" She
said sarcasticly. " Damn I forgot about that" I said (or rather shouted). "
Yeah thats what I thought, and watch your language!" After embarassing myself in front of Joe and my 'ohh so lovable Grandmather'
I took my breakfast to the livingroom. Sausage, Gravy, and biscuits, my
favorite! I gobbled it down in about ohh say 5 seconds and then back for
seconds, and later thirds. Joe only went back for seconds. I bet he enjoys
being able to get seconds sometimes. Think about it. He has to live with all
those kids and then his dad eats like he hasn't ever heard of food. I bet it
sucks being him sometimes. Since today is only Saturday I tried to get Joe to ask his mom if he could
stay oever again tonight, but sure enough elite nymphet
his dad had to answer the phone and
say 'No!'. He said that Joe had church. Hell, that makes me mad! Joe's dad is
a homphobic bigot that can't spell church. And plus me and Grandma were going
to church too. We could take budding nymphets him. We go to the same church. I think Joe's dad
just loves to be an asshole sometimes. Infact he's such a big asshole
sometimes I think that homophobe may have been stretched there. Joe had to go after lunch so I went with him. We figure if we can't spend
the night together we can at least spend the day that way. On the way up we
saw Butch sitting in the street fooling with something. Incase you haven't
found out yet Butch is about 3 fries, 1 burger, and a milkshake short of a
Happy Meal. Of course he was still kinda nice sometimes. By the grin on his
face that we nymphets homemade videos saw from a distance it looked as if he might even greet us. " Hey Jerk Off's" Butch said expecting us to laugh, which we didn't. We just
shot birds at him and passed by. This really pissed him off. He's bbs blog nymphets the type
who feels the need to be in control, have unlimited respect, and at times
worshiped. Damn he's think! " Look here you fags you better cut that stuff
out and show me some respect!" he shouted thinking he could change our minds
about the way we feel about him. " Sure Butch as soon as hell freezes over!"
We said taking off running. We soon stopped I don't think he got it. At his house he suggested that we go do something to scare the twins. I
loved the idea. I like the twins alot, but they are real site de nymphets pranksters. Tyler is
the older one and Matt is the younger one (obviously). Both twins are fairly
tall. Tyler has blond hair and blue eyes while Matt has brown hair and hazel
eyes. Both are very cute(!). Peeking through the crack of their door we saw that Tyler was taking a nap
and Matt was on the computer. " What should we do?" Joe whispered. " I'm no
sure." I whispered back. I kept thinking. What could we do to get them back?
I grabbed Joe and pulled him back to his room. " I know what we can do! We
can take a pic of them with your digital camera and e-mail it their
girlfriends!" I said. That's a great idea!" Joe said excitedly. Joe grabbed his digital camera and we returned the door. He handed the
camera to me so I could get the pic. This was going to be a hard one (no not
like that! although I do get ahrd looking at the twins). I don't know what I
was thinking but I just stood up and walked right in the room. " Hey Matt
where's your base ball? Joe and I need cp sites nymphet it to play a game." angel nymphets
I said hiding the
camera behind my back. " It's in the closet, I'll get it" Matt said hopping
from his chair at the computer. As he bent over in the closet I got a perfect
pic of that cute little bubble butt bending over in flannel boxers. Matt
never noticed. So I took the ball and pretended to leave after Matt was
sitting back down I crawled over to the twins bed (they share a bed) and I
pulled the cover back idscovering Tyler slept in the nude. I snapped a pic
and eased out the door." Joe I didn't know Tyler slept nude!" I said after getting back to his room.
" Neither did I" Joe said just as amazed. Joe got up to shut his door and
then came back and sat in my lap on his bed. I pushed him off and got off the
bed and began to go around it. I leaned over to where cp sites nymphet Joe was laying and we
kissed. I started pushing with my tounge and Joe caught on real quik. He
opended his mouth and we really started getting into it. Joe pulled back a
mintue to take his shirt off. I gladly let him do that! He also took of his
shorts while he 16 yo nymphet tits was at it. I leaned over him when there was a knock on the
door. I got off Joe and he scrambled to get his clothes, but his dad opened
the door before he could.His dad had a look if utter confusion that was later replaced with anger. "
Joe, you son of a bitch! You mean my son is a fag? My som is a fudge packer?!
Joe you better hope to hell you weren't doing what I think you were!" His dad
shouted. Joe grabbed his shirt and put it on quik. " And Anthony you better
hope you weren't doing what I think you were either. Ya'll better hope that
ya'll ain't a bunch of fags. I thought I told you Joe where faggots belong!"
His father coninued to shout.I waited until Mr. Hall was leotard image nymphet right beside me then I took off. I ran down the
steps and out the front door. I saw Joe not far behind. He caught up very (I
mean very) quik. We ran straight up the staors of my house and locked the
door to Grandma's room. She was sitting on the bed watching The site de nymphets View. " Quik
do something," I shouted " Joe's dad is pissed" I finished. We were both out
of breath. " Don't worry" Grandma said comfortingly. For some reason whenever
she says that I don't worry. We all sat down in silence. We hadn't even told
her what happened and she was already on our side. I really do love her. We
continued to sit when the phone rang. Joe wasn't going to answer it, and I
sure as hell wasn't so Grandma did. We could hear Mr. Hall shouting over the phone. " You tell that sorry excuse
for a son to get the hell back here so I can beat him straight!" He was
shouting. Joe heard this and started crying. I just wrapped my arms around
him and tried to comfort him. I don't think any one can feel comfort in a
sittuation like that though." You listen hear Jack Ass! No one better lay a finger on Joe or Anthony! If
you do I'll kill you! You may not beleive it but I'll kill you on the spot if
I find out you are even threatning them." Grandma shouted and hung up the
phone.If you enjoyed this chapter of the story please send me an e-mail and let me
know. My e-mail address is
. Please do not send any instant messages. I hope you continue to check
back naked skinny nymphettes for future chapters!
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